What are embedded dashboards?

Nov 10, 2023

What are Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics are dashboards, graphs, and graphs that are added directly into a product so that end users can view and interact with their data without leaving their workflow. They can be completely static or as interactive as a BI instance fully built out by data analysts and engineers.

Who would use Embedded Analytics?

  1. Retail and E-Commerce Tech:

    • Retailers can use embedded analytics to monitor sales performance, track customer behavior, and optimize inventory management systems, ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

  2. SMB Tech:

    • In the healthcare industry, embedded analytics are employed to analyze patient data, streamline administrative processes, and enhance clinical decision-making, ultimately improving patient care and operational efficiency.

  3. SaaS Solutions (for manufacturing, HR, product managers, etc.)

    • Manufacturers can leverage production analytics to monitor equipment performance, track supply chain dynamics, and optimize production processes, leading to improved quality and cost-efficiency.

    • Tooling built for knowledge work functions such as HR or product management also commonly employs analytics so stakeholders can lean on said tool to derive insights.

  4. Fintech and Banking:

    • Financial institutions use embedded analytics to assess market trends, manage risk, and provide clients with real-time insights into their financial portfolios, enhancing overall financial decision-making.

Why Embedded Analytics?

  • Powers real-time decision-making

    • If your tool owns a critical flow of work, chances are having interactive analytics will make a difference for your customer's bottom line.

    • Whether you're building a staffing marketplace for industrial manufacturing, an accounting app for restauranteurs, or a next-gen product analytics tool, chances are your users would benefit from being able to find insights in their data.

      • Static dashboards tell you a number, but interactive analytics enable you to splice and dice, filter, compare, and isolate areas of key business opportunity.

  • Improves user experience and increases product value

    • By embedding analytics directly into applications, teams eliminate the need for users to purchase more tools and navigate between them.

    • Most companies incorporate data in the product purchasing and usage journey in some way (ROI calculators, renewal check-ins, etc.) but recently having analytics in-product has become a table-stakes feature for most customers, especially with the rise of the modern data stack.

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